Appointments & Fees

Find out more about our fees and how to book an appointment


  • €100 per Face to Face or Online session

Unlike traditional forms of therapy our treatment is time limited and not open ended. The number of sessions attended at The OCD Clinic is usually 8-10 sessions but in some cases maybe a little more, and you will only need to attend 2 sessions per month.

skype-paypal-logosOnline Video Calling

  • Shorter Waiting list times
  • Available for all countries
  • Cuts Travel costs
  • Still achieves the highest success rates of 88%-95%
  • Reliable and Effective
  • Convenient

To Make An Appointment Yourself

To make an appointment yourself just contact us directly by email at or by contacting The OCD Clinic by telephone at (01) 661 8562.

For Professional Referral

To have a Doctor or Professional Make a referral on your behalf they can write, email or phone us.

Our Research

Our research has recently been published in The British Medical Journal

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