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Dr. Padraic Gibson

Reg., FTAI., Reg. ICP, Reg., UKCP, Reg., EAP, Reg., FT Clin Supvr.

Dr Padraic Gibson is a consultant psychotherapist, a distinguished author, lecturer and an internationally recognised clinical researcher. He is also a regular TV and Radio contributor on mental health. He is currently the Clinical Director of The OCD Clinic®, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Padraic has worked as Clinical Director within the Irish Health Services context, for over 25 years, establishing and managing numerous clinical and management teams as well as intern and training programmes. He is registered with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, The Family Therapy Association of Ireland, and the European Association for Psychotherapy. Dr Gibson has provided training and presented at numerous conferences in Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Padraic is recognised for his rigorous commitment to clinical research and publication and works continually to discover ways to make treatment more effective and efficient. Dr Gibson has contributed to the TV and Film industries as a specialist consultant, including most recently with Channel 5 in the UK and writes regularly for Psychology Today. He is also the founder and editor of Strategic Science Books.

Specialist Research

Padraic has completed a number of significant clinical research outcome projects with international colleagues such, Professor Gianluca Casltenuovo, at Auxilogico, University Milan, Dr Portelli, University of Malta, Dr Papantuono, Univerity of Macerata, Dr Luis A. Centeno-Gándara, Assistant Professor at Department of Psychiatry, UANL., University Mexico, Professor Giada Pietribissa from the University of Milan, Professor Jeff Jackson, Virginia Tech, University, USA, Dr Gregoire Vitry, LACT and Paris 8 University, France. Their combined works have focused on researching Eating Disorders, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and the development of therapy outcome measurement scales and research manuals.

Clinical Fellowships and Association

Dr Gibson is a part-time lecturer and a senior research associate at Dublin City University (DCU), Centre for Education Disadvantage and is a senior clinical researcher, trainer and lecturer at the Post Graduate School of Psychotherapy, Centro di Terapia Strategica in Arezzo Italy directed by Professor Giorgio Nardone as well as a being a research and training associate at, LACT, in Paris France. Dr Gibson is also a lecturer in Leadership at The Institute for Education in Malta and is a visiting lecturer at The Institute of Family Therapy Malta.

Specialist Training

Padraic trained as a clinical supervisor and teacher at The Mater Hospital, Dublin which forms part of University College Dublin’s, Department of Medicine, postgraduate programme in Psychotherapy, as well as other postgraduate training in Doctoral Research Methods, Organizational Consulting and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the University of Sunderland, University of Leeds and The Tavistock Clinic London. In the late 1990’s he lectured at the postgraduate level in Trinity College Dublin. Dr Gibson, Dr Portelli and Dr Papantuono, completed their (D.Psych), Professional Clinical Doctorate in Psychotherapy, under the direct supervision of Professor Giorgio Nardone.

Dr. Claudette Portelli

Dr. Claudette is a Clinical Psychologist, psychotherapist and rigorous clinical researcher.

Dr. Portelli is a lecturer at Dublin City University in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Pathologies (http://www.dcu.ie) and is the director of The OCD Clinic® at Hamrun, Malta. She is a clinical lecturer at the Strategic Therapy Center’s-Post Graduate School of Psychotherapy where she also works as a clinical trainer and senior researcher associate.

Claudette is a Scientific Member of the Editorial Board of the Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy European Review and was an original contributor to the evolution of the BST model of Treatment for OCD as well as co-author, with Professor Nardone of the highly acclaimed book “Knowing Through Changing’’.

Claudette is also a research and training associate at the specialist clinic and clinical programme at, LACT, in Paris France (www.lact.fr), she has also been a speaker at numerous international conferences and author of numerous scientific articles and is also completing another PhD in the University of Macerata, Italy.

The OCD Clinic® was co-founded by, Dr. Padraic Gibson, Dr. Claudette Portelli and Dr Matteo Papantuono. Our success has led to the establishment of our Clinics in Ireland, Malta, Italy, and Paris, France.

Some Recent Books and Publications

  • Obsessions compulsions and Manias; Treatment for Obsessive Complusive Disorder (Ponte Alle Grazie Press) with Professor Giorgio Nardone
  • Knowing Through Changing: The Evolution of Brief Strategic Therapy” (2005) Crown House Publishing, UK
  • COME SMETTERE DI FUMARE – Strategie per liberarsi in tempi brevi dalle dipendenze da fumo Branka Skorjanec Ponte Alle Grazie (2008)

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