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The OCD Clinic boasts an impressive 88% Success Rate. We offer professional and proven treatments to all our patients. Interested in finding out more?

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Welcome to The OCD Clinic®, Dublin, Ireland
With International Clinics in Italy & Malta

Excellence in Treatment Through Scientific Research

The OCD Clinic® is Ireland’s only clinic solely dedicated to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in all its forms. The OCD Clinic’s primary aim is to provide the most effective, brief and efficient treatment for all forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

From hand washing, counting, obsessive fixations and hair pulling to vomiting, binge eating, bulimia and self-harm, our unique treatment is developed and advanced through our continuous scientific research.

The clinical research process, involves the coordinated and ongoing feedback from each of our clinics in Ireland, Italy & Malta, as we continually seek to perfect our treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Opening Times: Monday 12:00-15:00 / Tuesday 16:00-20:30 / Wednesday 16:30-20:30 / Thursday 12:30-15:00

Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

We seek to assist patients in fully overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary understanding needed to solve this disorder.

At The OCD Clinic® it is possible to completely overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. With our effective professional treatment and the support of family and friends where necessary, it is possible to eradicate all traces of OCD from a person’s life.

Brief Strategic Therapy®

Utilizing over 25 years of clinical research and with 1000’s of patients successfully treated using our model of intervention known as Brief Strategic Therapy®, we have proven (Gibson 2014, 2016, 2019a, 2019b, 2019c, Nardone 2013, Portelli, 2007) that even though human problems can be persistent, complicated and painful, we do not always require a long and protracted form of intervention to solve the problem and relieve the suffering.

Our model has shown itself to be the most effective and efficient forms or treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders disorder currently available anywhere (Ray & Nardone 2007).

Whether you suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or if you are a family member, friend or health professional, this website aims to provide information for you on the signs, symptoms and effective treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

By The Numbers…


10-15% is the Number of People in Ireland Who Suffer with OCD


Our Success Rate at Dealing with OCD & Related Symptoms


Our Commitment to Helping you Deal with OCD

Recent Publications By Padraic Gibson

‘’In this exciting approach to problem-solving in human systems, conventional thought processes are twisted inside-out, resulting in a truly innovative perspective for generating solutions to even the most complex of challenges. Get ready to have old mindsets shattered as Dr. Gibson presents flexible, creative and effective strategies for conceiving meaningful solutions that could transform organisations and those who work within them’’.

Prof. Susan Simpson, Department of Justice and Society, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia

"In this book Dr. Gibson, brings the art, science and psychology of communication, problem solving, strategizing and systems change together. His use of context and clear examples makes this book a must read for those of us working with organisations."

Oisin Scollard, Barrister at Law, Senior Crisis Manager, EMEA YouTube And Co-Founder Turn2me

"Within the large body of strategic literature that exists, this is the most accessible book I have read. Clear, direct, and without unnecessary jargon and rhetoric… Whether you are a neophyte in strategic thinking trying to grasp its basics concepts or a seasoned organizational problem solver, you will be enlightened by the text". 

Dr Luis A. Centeno-Gándara, M. D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González”, Mexico.

"In this book Dr Gibson, gives you effective strategies to improve the psychological wellbeing of Organisations, efficacy of teams and practical ways to solve problems and concerns in Human Systems. We were waiting for a systematic description about how to apply strategic logic on human organisations and this book has done more than that, this is a reservoir of pragmatic knowledge". 

Dr Luca Proietti, Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Carle Hospital, Cuneo, Italy.

"This smart, pragmatic, and thoughtful approach models the strategies it advocates. With a clear and practical language, Dr. Gibson provides a detailed roadmap for problem solving that add immediate value in peoples’ thinking, planning, and acting differently. I'd encourage everybody looking to get to the next level to read this book".

Professor Giada Pietrabissa, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy

"If you work with or in Organisations or human systems, this is perhaps one of the most important books you might ever buy".

Richard Hogan- Columnist with The Examiner, Author of award-winning, ‘Parenting the Screenager’

“The book is a gem… excellent… scholarly…”

Professor Alan Carr, PhD
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College Dublin

“A key text for those wishing to better understand… contemporary... therapy.”

Professor Sean Davis, PhD, Alliant International University, California, USA

“This is a ‘God-send’… our field has been waiting for this book.” 

Dr, Imelda Mc Carthy, PhD., University College Dublin, Fifth Province Associates


Professor Jeffrey B. Jackson, PhD, Virginia Tech, University, Blacksburg, Virgnia, USA

“… insightful, pleasurable… brilliantly embracing the best of the greatest thinkers and researchers in the field.”

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi, DPsych., Founder and Director of the Institute for Family Therapy Malta

“A must read for those not yet convinced of this therapy’s effectiveness.”

Dr. Ed McHale PhD, Former President of The European Association for Psychotherapy, Co-Founder of The Clanwillam Institute

“A must read for all school-based practitioners and those in the field of education.”

Professor Erna Nairz-Wirth, Educational Sciences Group, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

“… based on their vast experience and research… the authors have managed to provide specific, effective solutions for each problem described in this book.”

Professor Giorgio Nardone, PhD,
Scientific Director, Strategic Therapy Centre, Arezzo, Italy

“An invaluable resource… effective and winning interventions.”

Professor Carmel Cefai, Phd (Lond), FBPS Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Malta


“I think that this clinic really sets an international Gold Standard for the treatment of OCD and its rapid resolution of patients problems…”

Dr. Ed McHale
Founder of The Clanwilliam Institute
Former President of The European Association for Psychotherapy

“…one of the most effective clinics I have ever used as a GP, I recommend it fully to colleagues and patients alike…”

Dr Patrick O’Mathuna
Medical Director
Castlemill Medical Centre, North County Dublin

“…treatment is fast and effective and the staff are extremely helpful the Clinic has definitely transformed the lives of many of my patients…”

Dr. Rafid Kashan
Dame Street Medical Centre


“Our team training at the clinic was. Energizing, empowering, thought provoking and informative. We now plan interventions based on what we learned there, the clinic is a great training centre.”

Louise Casey
Principal Medical Social Worker
Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services

“As a professor of family therapy, I cannot recommend the training enough. My students consistently evaluated the training as being of highest quality, engaging and instructive.  Concepts were explained with elegant simplicity providing clear explanations of assessment and intervention for a myriad of problems, I look forward to my students doing the training again next year.”

Professor Jeff Jackson, PhD, LMFT
Virginia Tech, Haycock Road, USA

 “I fully recommend the book Winning Without Fighting, as it begins a conversation that deeply respects individual persons trapped by interactional problems, and offers a resolution process so efficacious that the person experiences that they did it themselves.”

Ray Leonard BSc., MA,
Senior Psychotherapist and Trainer and Supervior
Health Services Executive, Ireland


“With their vast experience in the clinical and educational contexts their book has managed to provide specific and effective solutions for the most complex human problems.

Professor Giorgio Nardone,
Strategic Therapy Centre, Italy


“Their work speaks the language of hope an possibility, providing a model that refuses to pathologize the individual, their work build hope and positivity.”

Professor Carmel Borg,
University Of Malta

“Providing solutions in the face of seemingly impossible no-win situations, their work is an effective and winning solution to complex human problems.

Professor Carmel Cefai, PhD (Lond) FBPS,
Head of Department of Psychology, University of Malta


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